How To Recognize Signs Of Cockroach Infestation When Cleaning The Kitchen

There’s something about cockroaches that makes them creepy just to see them: no one would ever expect to be in their presence in the middle of cleaning cabinets and pantry in the kitchen.

And yet these are the habitats they like the most.

Too often we underestimate the possibility that these (not really) small insects go to graze between foods of all kinds.

The problem is that it is not easy to detect them, being very skilled in hiding during the day.

Yet, it is possible to resort to some small strategy to identify the real presence.

The cunning, does not hurt … and here’s what to do.

Try To … Surprise Them

A good daily cleaning of the pantries is unlikely to bring out the presence of cockroaches, unless it is entrusted to the competent cleaning companies.

Cockroaches, in fact, are not used to roam during the day, on the contrary, they tend to close hermetically and then sneak out into the night.

A useful way to “catch them in fragrant” is therefore to turn off all the lights in the kitchen, move to another room and then, after a few hours, try to return by turning on the lights.

In doing so, it is very likely that the cockroaches will be caught wandering here and there on the ground.

Eliminates Cocoa And Coffee From Cabinets And Pantries

Another useful trick is to remove all traces of coffee and cocoa from the pantries and then perform a good cleaning job.

The reason for this is to be found in the similarity of the excrements of the cockroaches to the coffee powder. In order to avoid “mistaking” the investigations, it is therefore advisable to eliminate these products from our kitchen (we could place them elsewhere, without throwing them away, of course) so that a possible presence of traces of unlikely coffee can be considered rather as traces of excrement to be charged to the presence of cockroaches and not to food residues.

Check That There Are No Holes In The Fruit

An excellent way to clean our kitchen and clear it, once and for all, from the unwelcome presence of cockroaches, is represented by the strategic placement of ripe and juicy fruit on the floors and floors of the pantry.

Cockroaches love to gnaw on paper, cardboard, plastic, but what they are absolutely fond of is the very ripe and juicy fruit: putting a slice of orange or a slice of ripe pear in tune and finding them pierced here and there can be an unequivocal sign of their presence in our kitchens.

Carry Out Daily Cleaning At Certain Points In The Kitchen

There are places that are particularly appreciated by cockroaches: these are places that are difficult to reach and to deal with with with domestic cleaning.

Slits, interstices and cracks between kitchen appliances, especially those that produce heat such as refrigerators, ovens, coffee machines, microwaves, and, again, wetlands such as leaks and cracks in sinks: these are the privileged homes of cockroaches.

Another unthinkable refuge for them is wallpaper.

It is more than evident, therefore, how performing a massive cleaning operation represents a useful deterrent against the proliferation of these insidious insects.

Often, carrying out such an operation, which involves even the most remote and hidden parts of our environments, is almost impossible with the ordinary tools at our disposal.

The problem of cockroaches should not be underestimated: the consequences can also be very serious. Intervene in time with a good work of cleaning and disinfestation by asking for the intervention of a team of professionals is the least that can be done to avoid that we go to trigger, in our living environments, a process of unstoppable multiplication.

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