4 Useful Tips To Promote A Good And Professional Spring Disinfestation

The arrival of spring awakens nature and, unfortunately, with it, also many unwelcome insects who begin to choose our homes as their shelters. So, as never before, there is an urgent need for a serious work of disinfestation.

In this period, how many of us would not do anything to free and maintain houses and gardens from harmful parasites and from the many pesky and annoying creatures?

Among all other domestic work, pest control is an arduous and very unwelcome task.

However, there are a few simple ways to help reduce these pest infestations. These are tricks that can promote the success of a good pest control work, without, of course, claiming to replace it.

Intervene From The Outside To Avoid Access To The House

Disinfestation, in general, is a compulsory choice when the access of parasites in domestic environments takes place in a silent and massive manner.

It is clear that all parasites, initially, will have to enter the house from outside.

Therefore, at least in the initial phase, there are preventive measures that we can take to help prevent pest infestation before it can become an obvious problem inside the house.

Keep Plants And Mulch At A Distance From The Home

It is good to make sure that plants and mulch are far enough away from the inside of the house.

As trivial as it may be, this small measure helps to avoid the possibility that scissors, centipedes and many other insects are attracted by flowers, leaves and the moisture that the mulch holds.

Pay Attention To Cracks And Fissures

Pest control experts know this well: pests can easily find their way through even the smallest gaps.

These unwelcome guests can also access our homes through the small inlets around the hydraulic pipes and under the window frames.

Even improperly sealed floors and tiny cracks in the walls can be a convenient way of access for pests.

It is no coincidence that professionals called upon to carry out good pest control generally go to explore and “hit” all these ravines.

Eliminate All Sources Of Stagnant Water

Usually, the disinfestation takes place in spring just because insects such as cockroaches, flies, mosquitoes begin, with the first warmth, to “proliferate”, choosing the stagnant water.

It is therefore good to remember to clean up the gutters of leaves and other debris so that the water does not accumulate, becoming an attraction for the parasites.

Identify Possible Pest Traces

Carrying out a thorough check of the house in order to identify the type of pests present, as well as the entry points is a small help for pest control.

It is precisely by taking into account the species of weed present that the expert technicians define a targeted treatment plan, using advanced techniques and products with low impact on the environment.

As mentioned above, these small measures are not and cannot be considered as substitutes for the intervention of the experts. Only a valid team of professionals specialized in pest control is able to guarantee the elimination of parasites in a fast and safe way, without risks for people and pets.

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