Аcademician Stashis Scientific Research

Institute for the Study of Crime Problems

National Ukrainian Academy of Law Sciences

 The Institute was established June 21, 1995 pursuant to r. 8 orders of the President of Ukraine № 35/95-RP on February 10, 1995 and r. 2 of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine "Issues Academy of Sciences of Ukraine" № 321 of May 18, 1994 to conduct theoretical and applied research in the fight against crime.  Cabinet   of   Ministers   of   Ukraine  dated  October  3,  2012  №  902 Institute  was  named  after  Academician Stashis.

 Scientific activity covers research: theoretical issues of combating crime; scientific support public policy and legal framework to combat corruption and organized crime; crimes and offenses that are committed in public safety; theoretical studies and regulatory support judicial reform; use of science and technology in the fight against crime; international cooperation in the fight against crime.

 The scientific objectives of the Institute are realized by: conducting research on the theory of criminal law and practice; nature of the judiciary system and the organization and activities of that it is carried out; studying criminology and forensic issues and measures to combat crime; study of the laws of European countries and the US, possibilities and limits its use in lawmaking Ukraine; drafting laws and regulations; on behalf of the subjects of legislative initiative scientific examination of draft laws and regulations governing the criminal liability of criminal procedure, the judicial system; participate in the development and implementation of state programs to combat crime, including corruption and organized crime; of international, national and regional conferences, seminars, "round tables", organizing exhibitions to promote best practices to combat crime, the implementation of science and technology in the practice of judicial and law enforcement agencies; development of new methods and techniques of forensic phonoscope assessment, forensic techniques, devices, equipment, computer software; professional edition collection of scientific papers "The issue of combating crime"; academic training through postgraduate and doctoral system and getting the following specialties: 12.00.08 - Criminal Law and Criminology; penal law and 12.00.09 - Criminal Procedure and the Law; forensics; operatively-search activity; advising on criminal, criminal procedure, criminal law enforcement.

 The Institute works bureau of forensic examinations, conducted by the most sophisticated forensic, psychological and phonoscope assessment.

 Today Research Аcademician Stashis Scientific Research Institute for the Study of Crime Problems National Ukrainian Academy of Law Sciences is actively involved in the development and enrichment of legal scientific thought in Ukraine.


Director of Institute

Vyacheslaw I. Borysov

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